My Time With Hanford Fire Department

Yesterday I was given the opportunity to do a ride along as an observer. I met with Fire Chief Pendergrass at seven in the morning and signed the waiver that allowed me to ride along. He explained to me the procedures and responsibilities I had as an observer. I was then introduced to the crew on shift for the day. Captain Dustin Costa, Engineer Matthew Martinez and firefighter Onatis Illan were the gentlemen I spent my day with. I also met the station dog, an english cream golden retriever named Asher. After a delicious bowl of strawberry oatmeal for breakfast, … Continue reading My Time With Hanford Fire Department

A talk with the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association President and Vice President.

I was able to conduct an interview recently with the President of the KCDSA by the name of Nate Ferrier and his Vice president Cole Souza. Both senior deputies were friendly and easy to talk to. We sat in Deputy Ferrier’s office and chatted about their jobs and what they do for our community. We touched on some tougher subjects and how they were doing overall. We began with introductions as Senior Deputy Ferrier sat to my right and Senior Deputy Souza to my left. After a brief explanation of my interview process our conversation began. I asked what their … Continue reading A talk with the Kings County Deputy Sheriff’s Association President and Vice President.

The Garden

Today I was able to return to one of my favorite places of all time. The Children’s Storybook Garden and Museum in Hanford California. I am a volunteer at the garden. I had stopped going before COVID-19 due to being put on bed rest for my pregnancy. I missed being there so much. It truly is my happy place here in California. I discovered it back in January when I was looking for something fun to do locally. My son loves to play there and if I am honest so do I. The garden reminds me of the happiest parts … Continue reading The Garden

The FSA Administrator: Richard Fordyce.

When I contacted the local USDA office here in California I had no idea the amazing interview opportunity I would be given. Sworn in to office in May 2018, Richard Fordyce began his career as the Farming Service Administrator of the USDA. A farmer himself, Mr. Fordyce understands the work ethic that comes from our producers and applies his back ground in agriculture to his current job as the Administrator of the FSA. What Does The FSA Do? The Farming Service Agency is the portion of the United States Department of Agriculture that directly engages with farmers and ranchers on … Continue reading The FSA Administrator: Richard Fordyce.

Talking with Hanford’s Fire Chief.

Today I had a pleasant conversation with Fire Chief Pendergrass. The new fire chief of Hanford, California, has been a firefighter for many years. A family man, Chief Pendergrass, has been the fire chief since October 21st of 2019. We spoke about his role in the community and how he thinks the city can be improved upon by him. Chief Pendergrass said of Hanford, “The soul of the city is just good. The community response has been generally positive towards the newly minted fire chief”. Covid-19 and Hanford’s Fire Department. Since the start of the pandemic, Chief Pendergrass has been … Continue reading Talking with Hanford’s Fire Chief.

COVID-19 and California’s Farmers. Part 1: Small Niche Farmers.

What’s Happening With Farmers? As this pandemic has ravaged all parts of the world, a community affected terribly but quietly has been the farming community. While I live in California, this topic reaches all farmers negatively impacted by COVID-19. I’ve been able to interview several farmers in central California. Below are two small business farmers that offer specific niche products and services that have been affected by this pandemic. Harmony Lavender Link above I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to Claudia Estrada, the owner and operator of Harmony Lavender farms. An organic farm located in Atascadero CA, that grows and … Continue reading COVID-19 and California’s Farmers. Part 1: Small Niche Farmers.

Smiling through PPD

Postpartum depression is no easy thing. While fairly common, PPD isn’t talked about nearly enough. While most days are good days for me, I still deal with the symptoms. Lets dig into postpartum depression and talk about it. I hope that by doing so, I help someone who is also going through this. My first child came with so much joy. Having had difficulty with conception, I was over the moon to be a mother. I was aware of that thing called baby blues, but I thought I was so happy it wouldn’t happen to me. But ever so slowly … Continue reading Smiling through PPD


I find myself unable to sit still for too long. Life is best lived on the move. Never knowing what the next day brings and who you might meet… These are just two concepts that make me excited to travel. Always wondering what lies just beyond the horizon has been a lifelong feeling. While my husband is military we are bound by the rules of the job, and in that way, to one place. As soon as the commitment has been finished we have plans to live the nomadic lifestyle. I would say that this Nomad dream has been ours … Continue reading Wanderlust

My choices define my life.

Today on a drive my family stopped at this orchard and I found myself thinking about life. My life specifically. So many times I have been presented with the opportunity to choose my path and each step I’ve taken has led me to this moment in time. Here in the present I often look back in amazement. I never could have predicted that I would be married and a mother by the age of twenty-three. When I was a teenager I felt as though there wasn’t any point in planning for the future because I didn’t have as clear an … Continue reading My choices define my life.