Walk with God and all is well.

Today I’ve been thinking on my walk with God. For some time I struggled with prayer and believed I was abandoned by Him. My return to faith came in the form of the miracle of my daughter.

I found out I was pregnant on October 15th 2019. My entire pregnancy was troubled from the start. My body has a funny way of misbehaving. Two weeks after discovery of the pregnancy I went in to check my HcG levels and they were gone. I was told I had lost my baby.

I went from my appointment to the Chapel and I prayed to God for the first time in years. I begged him to save my child. Next day I went back and my HcG levels were high and growing.

My journey back to God has made my life feel bigger and better. I appreciate all the help I’ve received on my way. Family and friends both have given me advice and prayers.

My daughter is now four weeks old and while she is still in the NICU she is doing very well. God is good and he has blessed my life. I am constantly amazed at the miracles in my life.

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